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[18 Jul 2005|02:28am]

[ mood | tired ]

this is kind of delayed, considering I've had these pics since April. But anyways... These are pics of Michael I took at the Sunday evening worship service during GMA week in Nashville, TN.

just smittyCollapse )

:) Ellen

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Michael W. Smith and Randy Stonehill [09 Jul 2005|10:57pm]

Hi everyone! I am a fan of many Christian artists, but I have to say that I am really hooked on his performance with Randy Stonehill in 1994 on "The Lazarus Heart" album and the song was "In Jesus Name"

I have two Michael W. Smith albums that have invaded my heart for good: "I2Eye", and "The Big Picture"
I have many more faves by Michael, and they are really deep reaching songs!
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[25 May 2005|05:16pm]

[ mood | I am hyper right about now ]


I'm new here [obviously]. and I wanted to say hi and tell you guys alittle about me. :) My name is Ellen, I'm 17 and live in North Carolina. I love Michael W Smith and have ever since I can remember. My favorite thing to do besides listen to music is sing [go figure]. The first song by Michael I remember learning is Rocketown. My parents are big Smitty fans and used to listen to his records [as in vinyls] (along with Amy Grant, the Imperials, Petra and Matthew Ward) all the time when I was little.
Let's see.. what other artists do I like. Rebecca St. James, Steven Curtis Chapman, Joy Williams, Newsboys, fallingup, Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns etc etc.
I love to write, stories, poems, songs, and whatever else may come to mind. :P

I went to the Healing Rain concert in Greenville on the 21st and loved it. The concert was great, as always. I think Michael drank about 8 energy drinks right before he came out b/c he was all over the stage! lol Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera with me :( so I didn't get any pictures.

anyways... I'll be posting soon :)


ps - I love to rant XD

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Prayer request! [17 Feb 2005|02:09pm]

Hey guys, I was wondering if you could take a few seconds and pray for my family today. They're putting an offer down on a home and we found out that some one also wants to offer MORE on the same house. Please pray that the owner accepts our offer. We're a blended family and we're looking for a place to call our 'own'. Thank you all SO MUCH!
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Tsunami Relief / FSF [21 Jan 2005|02:37pm]

Smitty will be doing some concerts soon.The Music City Comes Together For Tsunami Relief and he will also be at the florida strawberry festival on march 12th! Tickets are on sale now for both.

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Welcome! [01 Dec 2004|05:20am]

[ mood | Creative & Tired ]

Welcome to my community for Michael W Smith. I love him,hes one of the first christian artist that i loved as a kid.I Thought he needed a community ,so i made one ;) All i ask is that you keep post about or related to Michael.I dont want any spamming in here.Thanks for joining Hope You enjoy!Tell Your Buddies about the community!
God Bless xoxo,
In christ+
Love Jen

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